unknown, new year celebration, Moscow, 1989

новым годом!


unknown, Arizona, ca. 1950s

The best way to mark the last day of Kodachrome is not to lament that we are getting our final rolls developed (I’m waiting on my last 20), but to anticipate the thousands of great Kodachrome photographs waiting to be discovered.

As is often mentioned, the film has a great shelf life; many of us have had the experience of finding a shoe box of family slides, holding them up to the light and seeing fifty-year-old colors pop out like magic. There are millions of exposures that haven’t been seen in decades and hundreds of great unknown photographers hiding in those shoe boxes. All you need is patience and a scanner.

Where to see some vernacular Kodachrome? Start with Electrospark’s collection of found slides. The Charles W. Cushman archive offers 14,500 Kodachrome slides shot by an amateur photographer. Superbomba also has a great selection of found Kodachromes (and more). Goldengreyblue has a relative from the past who had a great eye, as seen in this set.