Tom Zetterstrom, Colorado Spruce, Colorado, 1973


Mark Peter Drolet, Arboreal solitude

Of tumblrs, there are prolific tumblrs, and there are quality tumblrs. Very, very few are both. Exploring photography, Mark Peter Drolet’s stands alone. From his tumblr, I discover so many photographers I’ve never heard of. I have had the experience of clicking-through, but then seeing very little in the portfolio I like, except the single photo Mark plucked out. Mark does not just have the eye of a great photography editor; it’s a larger optimism: that the fire hose of imagery happening right now, with some arrangement, will resemble something wonderful.

There’s a lengthy interview with Mark by Blake Andrews that’s worth a read. Tumblr is one of the main topics. I like the image Mark uses of a collection of baseball cards thrown in the air. Mark’s got a great collection.